So I finally found some good looking fresh asparagus at the store this weekend, and roasted it in the oven tonight (yes, we skipped Cub Scouts, hee hee). Anyway, I fixed it much like this recipe. Sean tried it, and actually liked it!! What's more, is that the hubby, who can be quoted as saying "I hate asparagus" really liked it as well!! Woohoo!!!

I also cooked pinto beans in the crockpot. Sean tried them, but didn't really like the seasonings. However, he loved the cornbread; even asked for more!! So, it was a wonderful night!!

For the pinto beans, I use this recipe as sort of a "base" except that I used pinto beans, because that's what I had, and I served it with cornbread instead of rice. I usually make it with a ham hock, but I couldn't find one yesterday, so I bought a ham steak and cut that up to go in the beans instead.

I'm still floored over the asparagus. And it was really cute how much he loved the cornbread. Now, cornbread is one of those things that he liked once upon a time, and then somewhere along the way decided he didn't like it anymore. However, until today I haven't been able to get him to try it again!


Christi said…
My kids LOVE fresh asparagus. In the summer, We drissel(wait is that right) olive oil and season salt over it throw in on the grill and it's a BIG hit. Just an idea FOR later!!!

Horrary for the success!