Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Taking a short break...

Just letting everyone know that I'm taking a break from the blog for a week or so. I have several recipes that I'm behind on posting about, but Sean starts school next week and well, it's just crazy around here! :) Hopefully after things calm down some I'll have lots of yummy things to post about!!

Enjoy the rest of the summer everyone!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TWD - Brownie Buttons

"Awesomely delicious!" That's how Sean described this week's Tuesdays with Dorie selection, Brownie Buttons, chosen by Jayma of Two Scientists Experimenting in the Kitchen.

And I couldn't keep him out of them! Well, we all thought they were great. My parents were over for supper again (a Tuesday thing at our house) and my dad and I agreed that I should have put a pecan half on top of each brownie before baking. I'll try that next time.

It was a bit chaotic in my kitchen tonight, so I didn't get any pics of the process, but I will say that these brownies were simple and quick to make. The only thing I did differently than the recipe was that instead of melting the butter, chocolate and brown sugar on the stove, I did it in the microwave! It seemed to work just fine.
My only complaint about this recipe (and the only complaint I heard from anyone else) was that it didn't make nearly enough. Sixteen mini brownies just isn't going to cut it at my house!! :)

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Monday, August 3, 2009

TWD - Classic Banana Bundt Cake

Welcome, welcome! Look at me. Actually baking and blogging about a Tuesdays with Dorie recipe. :) You can all quit staring in shock and disbelief now. This week's recipe, Classic Banana Bundt Cake, was chosen by Mary of The Food Librarian.

Now, let me start by saying that not only did I actually make this recipe, but I made it yesterday even. That's right. I didn't wait until the last minute. Good thing too. So yesterday I drop Sean off at chess camp (yes, chess camp) and then run to the grocery store for a few items that I know I need for the recipe. Namely bananas and sour cream. I'm just hoping that the grocery store has relatively ripe bananas (they did!). Kade crashes on the way home, so I take the s-l-o-w route there to give him a little longer to sleep (he is the anti-nap child).

I don't usually take the time to take a picture with all of the ingredients lined up beforehand. I'm glad I decided to this time. Look at the picture below. Do you see anything missing?

No? Let me help you, then.

That's right. No sugar. How could I have run out of sugar? I was sure there was plenty in the cabinet. But no. Sigh. I could have run back to the store right then, but probably wouldn't have had time to get the cake baked before I had to leave to pick Sean up from camp. So I waited. And waited, until Sean was in Tae Kwon Do class. Lesson learned - double check the pantry for ingredients! I finally got the cake in the oven about 7pm. Ah well...it sure smelled heavenly while baking!!

Since I was ahead of the game, at least a little, I was able to let it set overnight to let the flavors develop, as Dorie suggests in her book. I reluctantly wrapped it in plastic wrap once it cooled (reluctantly because I really wanted to dig in!). Kade and I split a piece this morning. And I realized my lifelong search was over! See, when I was little my grandmother had a friend that would visit a few times a year. She would always bring this delicious banana bread with her. I've always wanted to replicate that bread -- it's been like the holy grail of baking for me -- but I've never found a recipe that was close...until now. If I'd added some pecans to it, and baked it in loaf pans, this would be perfect. So apparently, I've been looking for the wrong thing. I needed to be looking for banana cake, not banana bread. Who knew? Well...now I do!! As you can imagine, this recipe is definitely a keeper for me. :)

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Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Learn to do List

Okay, so I completely stole this idea from Megan of My Baking Adventures (which, unfortunately her blog doesn't seem to be there anymore, Aug 2011). But it was such a fun idea, I couldn't help myself! So, here goes, but I'm sure this list will morph over time, as all of my lists have a tendency to do!!

1. Bagels
2. Challah February, 2011
3. Brioche
4. Fresh Pasta
5. Tiramisu
6. Cheesecake
7. Fresh Mozzarella
8. Pickles*
9. Red Velvet Cake
10. German Chocolate Cake
11. Tamales
12. Pecan Pralines
13. Divinity

*Technically speaking, I have made pickles before, but not as an "adult". I helped my mom and grandmother make them when I was little.

And now, a question for you: what are some things that you would put on your own "learn to do" list??