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Meal Planning

I'll be honest. I despise meal planning. My family is not good at it. I'll sit down on the weekend, with good intentions, cookbooks in front of me, paper and pen at the ready, grocery ad nearby, and ask the futile question "What do you guys want to eat this week?" I am usually met with blank stares and a response of "I dunno." Lovely. And then, even if we do manage to come up with a list of ideas for the week, actually sticking to the list is hard. We'll do good for a day or two, and then something happens. We'll be running late, something will come up, we just won't want what is on the list for the day, etc etc. All hope is lost, and we abandon the list all together. I'm not saying this is right, I'm just saying this is what happens in my crazy household! The problem is that we really need a meal plan! Four out of five weeknights, we have late nights. Or at least late in my opinion. Extracurricular activities (mostly for the 8 year old)

Project 365: Mar 1-31

Finally...March pictures!! Yeah...missed quite a few days in March. And I feel like I should make a few notes about some of the days. There are two pictures for March 4th. I just couldn't pick one!! On March 13th, you'll notice all the cute toddler underwear. Yes, we were going to embark on potty training...but decided to wait a bit. All the super cute underwear is still waiting for us! March 28th is one of my favorites. We were at the grocery store, I was ordering at the deli, turned around, and he had plucked the bell pepper from the cart and chowed down! I did make him stop eating so we could at least take it home and wash it...but not before taking a picture, of course!! And on March 29th, he's sitting there with his lunch, moves stuff around, looks over at me and says "camra!" AKA camera...yes, he's already asking to take pictures of his food...the life of the child of a food blogger, LOL!

Project 365: Feb 1-28

So yes, I'm finally getting my pics from February posted. Hopefully I'll get the March pics up soon. Unfortunately as I was loading and editing pictures, I realized I missed a few days in February. Oh well, I still got the majority of them, lol. Enjoy! :)