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Waffle Sticks

At first, I have to admit I was a bit annoyed at my mom for buying me yet another random kitchen appliance. "it was a black Friday special, and super cheap, and I thought it was cute" she said. Might I mention she also bought me a Belgian waffle maker? And I already had a working waffle maker, so.....yeah. Anyway, the mini waffle stick maker. It actually is kind of cute. And the kids love dunking the sticks in syrup. It only makes 4 at a time, so it's definitely not for rushed mornings. Maybe I'll take the time to make a bunch and freeze them. Hmmm...I could put Doctor Who on the kindle to pass the time...there's a thought! :) Anyway, not a paid advertisement. Just the random musings of an overly tired mama! I hope you and yours had a very merry Christmas! Any random kitchen appliances under your tree?

Crispy Oven Baked Cornflake Chicken Legs

Y’all, this is seriously the best oven fried chicken I have ever made!   Truly.   It was awesome.   I haven’t blogged in forever, I hadn’t planned on blogging this, but it needs to be shared!   In light of the fact that I hadn’t planned on putting this on the blog, please excuse the last-minute phone pictures.   I have been making variations of oven fried chicken forever.   My first go at it was when I was still a kid, and I made the cornflake chicken from the Betty Crocker kids cookbook (I still have it, but it’s currently in a box in the basement or I would take a picture for you!).   I’m proud of this most recent variation.     Some tips I’m going to share with you:   ·          I use the mini food processor to make the cornflake crumbs.   Be sure not to grind them into a powder, you still want pieces you can actually see! ·          Do not skimp on the Parmesan and use the stuff in the can.   It has its uses, this is not one of them.   Buy a wedge of the real st

Chocolate-Coated Marshmallow-Filled Moon Pies

Back in 2011, I participated in a project called Frosting for the Cause.  My contribution was Chocolate-Coated Marshmallow-Filled Moon Pies.  Unfortunately, it seems as though that blog no longer exists.  In light of that, I am re-posting the story and recipe here, just in case anyone comes looking for it.  :) Originally posted Feb 22, 2011 When I first heard about Frosting for the Cause via Twitter, I knew I had to join in.   I was so excited to get the email letting me know when I would be posting!   I feel very honored to be a part of this.   Later, when I sat down to write my post, the emotions really hit me.   My grandmother has battled cancer not once, but twice in her life.   And thankfully, both times, she has won.   She’s a tough old lady!   Just don’t tell her I called her old.     And she is not the only woman in my life to have been touched by cancer.  A dear friend of mine, Denyse, recently lost both her sister and her mother to cancer.   It is in honor