I've been tagged...

and apparently I didn't realize it, LOL!! Need more computer time... Here goes!

Eight T.V. Shows I Watch:
*CSI New York
*Top Chef
*So You Think You Can Dance
*Good Eats
*Without a Trace
*Ace of Cakes

Eight Favorite Restaurants:
*Tech Cafe
*Taco Villa
*Starbuck's (it counts, right?)
*Olive Garden

Eight Fun Things That Happened This Weekend:
*I got to play games with Sean at 50th St. Caboose, lol
*Took a really cute pic of the boys this morning
*Went to the Holiday Happening
*Shopping at the fabric store
*Friday was Sean's Thanksgiving lunch at school, got to surprise him when my dad showed up too!
...apparently I need to get out more...I'm sure there's more!!

Eight Things I Look Forward To:
*having a clean kitchen
*having a clean house
...what, this isn't the wish list post?? okay, okay
*getting out Christmas decorations
*getting my Christmas cards in! I'm so excited!!
*I'm really looking forward to the holidays with Kade this year, watching Sean and Kade interact, all the holiday goodness!!
*looking forward to Thanksgiving too...lots of cooking!!
*smiles and laughs from Kade
*spontaneous hugs and "I love you"s from Sean

Eight Things On My Wish List:
*new blender
*for my family and friends to be happy and healthy
*getting to sleep in!!
*reading a book for fun!
*a do-over for the Red Raiders' game yesterday :(
*a way cool laptop
*getting to sleep in (yes, I realize I already mentioned that)
*not only a clean kitchen, but a self-cleaning kitchen (Hey, you never said this had to be based in reality!!)

Now, I have to figure out who *I* can tag!! :-)