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Double Shot Mocha Chunks

I have a confession. I always get a little giddy when I receive my copy of the baker's catalog from King Arthur Flour . I love it. I have a tendency to drool when reading it. If I had plenty of money, and space, I would buy just about everything they sell! The other great thing about the catalog is the recipes. I can always find at least one recipe that I want to try. Back in February (yes February...I'm behind, remember?) the Double Shot Mocha Chunks caught my eye. Apparently quite a few readers that reviewed this recipe were not happy with it, mostly because the resulting cookies didn't look like the ones pictured in the catalog, and because they don't spread much. However, I really loved them, and my taste-testers were quite pleased! I apparently didn't take notes when I made this recipe, or at least I can't find them, but I do remember that I used a mix of semisweet chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, and white chocolate for the chunks. Try this recipe. I don

It's taken me long enough...

Well, yesterday was Mother's Day (Happy Belated Mother's Day, by the way!!) and I realized that I have not shared my news with the blogging world! I am a very blessed mother of three now! The littlest one was born a little over two weeks ago. His big brothers are very proud, and of course his dad and I are too! As you can probably guess, I'm taking a slight break from the blog to enjoy the new babe, but I promise I'll be back with lots of recipes and reviews to post. I'm not giving up on blogging, it's too much fun (when I have the time, lol!).