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100 posts!

Hey folks!! Can you believe this is my 100th blog post?? Yeah, me either! On one hand, I would have thought that I write 100 posts faster than this. On the other hand, I can't believe I've made 100 posts! :) As you've probably noticed, I've gotten a bit behind on my blog again lately. Nothing bad is going on, just life is happening!! It's been Spring Break this week. Plus the last few weeks I've been dealing with one sick kid or another. Thankfully, the sickness went away long enough for a great visit with Christi (along with a cinnamon roll extravaganza that I'll have to post about!!). I wanted to do something all cute and fun for my 100th post. But, since that just didn't seem to be happening, I decided just to post about reaching the milestone! :)

Frijoles a la charra

Also known as frijoles charros, charro beans, or basically, Mexican pinto bean soup. The name I've heard the most is frijoles a la charra. I like to blame it on pregnancy, but really, I get random cravings for random foods all the time. Actually, what happened this time was on Monday, D was watching an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay. It was a burrito challenge, and the guys he was challenging were making their own refried beans, with what looked like a mixture of pinto and black beans. I suddenly got the notion to make frijoles a la charra. You would have made that immediate connection too, right? Anyway, I'd never actually made them before, so I started looking on the internet for recipes. I found quite a few variations, and tweaked them to come up with the one I'm posting below. These may not float your boat, but they were well received at my house on Taco Tuesday. Okay, Sean wouldn't even try a bite, but what's new? A few notes before we begin, however. I l

TWD: Toasted Coconut Custard Tart

This week's TWD selection comes from Beryl of Cinemon Girl . It sounds, and looks, really really good!! And I hope to be able to make it at some point. I just wasn't able to get to it in time. Be sure to see what all the other TWD bakers did with this week's recipe! Enjoy! :)