A is for Acorn Squash

Go read this recipe. Check out the pictures. Wipe the drool off your chin. :) We made this tonight. It was a new recipe for me. First, let me say, it's not that easy to cut an acorn squash in half. Or maybe I need a different knife. Scratch that. I have a good knife. It's just not big enough. So, I need a bigger knife. I just caused all local ER doctors to shudder. Now, now, I've never cut myself bad enough to get stitches...but it does cause my husband to shudder every time I wield a knife. Apparently I scare him with my knife skills.

Back to the point of this post -- the squash. I thought it was good. Very good. Sean didn't like it. But hey, it's all about exposure to new things, right? I did keep some of the squash plain so I could puree it up for the baby. He'll have to wait until tomorrow to try it...he got hungry before it was ready. :)

I would also like to say that Sean has always loved to help out in the kitchen. I have some cute pictures of him rolling out sugar cookie dough before he was 2. And he was quite good at it I might add. Now, I make him help me read the recipe. And cooking is also good for developing math skills. But beyond that, it's something fun that we can do together, and I hope he wants to be my sous chef for a long time!!


Christi said…
A) you should of called me- knives I have but I am not allowed to wield said knives either!

b) YUM-O How about you make it and bring it to me! How was it? Looks delish but lots-o-work.

c) Most importantly did Sean eat it?

D) Good lord, that woman uses a lot of butter, Matt would be in butter heaven!
Katy said…
A) I'll remember that next time I need a bigger knife!!

B) It was definitely good, and really not that much work. I have leftovers!!

C) Well, Sean sort of tasted it...

D) Oh yes, she loves the buttah!!