Just for the record...

I am not creating or posting a new recipe for the challenge everyday, lol. I'll be lucky to get 2 or 3 in each week. Who knew life with kids would be so busy? I have officially thanked my mom for being my taxi service when I was a kid, driving me back and forth everywhere! Around here, Mondays are Tae Kwon Do and Cub Scout nights, Wednesdays are more Tae Kwon Do, and Thursdays are soon to be piano. I know lots of families are busier than we are, but that's plenty busy for me right now!

Also, I've re-discovered that there is one kitchen gadget I still need...the self-cleaning kitchen!! :) Or maybe I just need a housekeeper that is willing to work for free. Oh wait...I guess that would be me!!


Christi said…
heehee...I need a whole self cleaning house. Where do we get one of those?

ohhhh, ya know on that whole wielding the knife thing. WELL, Mr. Peck used a big knife for lord knows what and somehow I CUT my self just by putting the thing into the dishwasher(blade down), yep only me!