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Random Pet Peeve

So, this is just a random pet peeve of mine.  Have you ever noticed on cooking shows and other TV spots that the chef will handle raw meat, and then dig his hand right into the salt bowl, or grab the pepper mill?  So. Not. Cool. You know they know better.  Or at least you sure hope so.  But they do it anyway.  I'm sure it has something to do with not wanting to take away precious seconds out of the well-scripted time slot to properly wash their hands or something.  But hello!!  Food safety, people.  It just irks me.

Any why, do you ask, am I ranting about this today?  Well, because in the winter, my hands get so dry that my knuckles will start to crack if I don't watch it.  And repeatedly washing my hands during the day doesn't help matters.  But I do it anyway.  When we had a snow day a while back, I did a lot of cooking and baking.  And a lot of hand washing.  And watching of cooking shows on TV.  ;)  And that's when I really go to thinking about this issue.  It just sends the wrong impression to the viewer, in my opinion.

I wouldn't classify myself as a germophobe, but I do wash my hands often.  I have kids, and I cook/bake a lot, and well, I just want to be clean!!  So that's it.  My random pet peeve and vent for the day.

Now, where did I put that hand sanitizer...

Image Credit:  Soap bubbles by the Italian voice


I can't believe that for as long as I've read this blog, I haven't had a reason to comment until just now :) Anyway, I agree that improper hand washing is a big no-no. I've found that on a lot of Food Network shows, at least the ones I watch, they wash their hands. Rachel Ray and Sandra Lee I'm almost certain wash and say to wash, and I want to say that Paula Deen washes, probably not Ina Garten and I think Giada washes. What drives me BANANAS is when they wash for 2 seconds! I know that they're washing, I know that no one is eating their food more than likely, and I know that spending 15-30 seconds washing takes up too much time, but it still really kills me to see them basically rinsing. Also, I have the exact same issues you have with repeatedly washing since not only do I have to wash if I accidentally touch cake batter with my pinkie, but because I wash all the rest of the day as well. What I've found that helps is using disposable gloves from Costco. Not the most eco friendly, but if I'm making anything like meat loaf or even cookie dough or anything where I'm cracking eggs I use gloves to do those tasks so I don't have to wash constantly. Good luck!!
Katy said…
Thank you!! Yes, the rinsing for 2 seconds drives me nuts too. Just as bad as not washing at all. True, it's not something they are all guilty of, it just peeves me, apparently! ;)

Thank you for the comment! I've been trying to be better about using the heavy duty gloves when washing dishes, which does help, but I don't always remember. Meatloaf...definitely a time for the disposable gloves!!

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