My Apologies

I didn't get my Tuesdays with Dorie post made yesterday, and I didn't get the cake that I was supposed to bake made either. I haven't been budgeting my baking time well, and technically I needed to bake two separate layer cakes for two separate baking events this week! It's one thing to whip up a batch of cookies quickly, it's another thing to make a three-layer cake with frosting. So, I know the one for TWD didn't get made (even though it looks delicious -- it's the one from the cover of the book!) and I have a feeling the one for the Cake Slice may not get made either, although I wouldn't count it out totally...I do have until Friday to get it made, lol.

In the meantime, check out with the other TWD Bakers did with the Devil's Food White Out Cake this week!! :)