Birthday Cake Cones

For his party at school, Munchkin requested birthday cake cones. This was a new one for me. I don't think I've ever even eaten one before yesterday, although while during research on them, they were apparently quite popular back in the 80's. I guess maybe I wasn't cool enough to have them back then!

Anyway, they are actually super simple to make. I just whipped up a boxed vanilla cake mix (yes, a mix -- gasp, lol!!) although I did add an extra teaspoon of vanilla for good measure. Then, you fill some flat-bottomed cake cones with the batter, bake, and there you go! Munchkin even helped me make them. Sprout wasn't too happy that he was confined to the highchair during the baking process. He was definitely telling us about the whole time! We made the cupcakes yesterday evening, and I took them to school this afternoon. The kids were quite happy with them. One kid even told me that they were better than his mom's cupcakes. Oops. To his mom: sorry 'bout that. :)

I will mention, however, that the cones absorbed some of the moisture from the cake and got a little soggy (no, soggy is not quite the right word, but they were definitely more moist than normal), though the kids didn't seem to notice! Another note - I placed the cones inside muffin tins to bake. That definitely seemed like a better idea than trying to keep them steady on a flat baking pan.

Of course, I took photos of the entire process. Total blogging opportunity, lol!! Enjoy!

Guess I should mention that today is Munchkin's birthday!! Happy 7th birthday, my little sous chef!!!


Anonymous said…
My Mom use to make these for me for school back in the 80's!! I like the soggy cone part best, :)!