Project 365: Apr 1-30

It's here!  The April edition of my Project 365.  And I'm doing it "my way" which means that some days there are more than one picture while some days have no picture.  It's my project, and in the end it will still chronicle my year.  :)

There are a few things from this month I want to talk about, or explain further.

April 1: the Half+Half Tea.  See, I love sweet tea.  But during this pregnancy, it didn't love me.  I finally got where I could drink it if I ordered half sweet and half unsweet.  I looked down at my receipt and laughed over the fact that they actually have a setting for that.  It made me smile anyway!

Apr 20: that is the mess left over after doing my belly cast.  My friend sent me the stuff to make a belly cast -- this was the first time I'd done one!  One messy bathroom later it was finally done. 

Apr 22: belly pic taken shortly before leaving for the hospital! Note the 2 year old shining the flashlight on the belly.  It just cracks me up!

Enjoy!  :)