Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope everyone has a great day today! The Munchkin's class party was Friday, and I got a wild hair to make Rice Krispie treats on a stick...dipped in chocolate with Valentine sprinkles. Yeah, blame hormones or something. :)

I actually saw something similar at the grocery store a while back, and they were something like $2 each! I thought to myself "I can do that!" It wasn't really that hard, just a little time consuming.

I started with just the regular Rice Krispie treat recipe, you know the one on the back of the cereal box. Since I needed to make 20 of them, I had to make two batches of the recipe. After letting them cool, I cut them into squares. Then I inserted a cookie stick onto each one, used a spoon to coat it with some melted candy coating (which I had let cool a bit so it wouldn't melt the treats) and then added some sprinkles. I let them cool on some wax paper, then put them in some clear treat bags and tied with ribbon.

I have a confession though. Munchkin's not a big fan of Rice Krispie treats! But I have discovered that Sprout sure is!!

Enjoy! :)


Christi said…
That is a great idea!