TWD - Dorie's Favorite Pecan Pie

I had originally planned on ending my TWD break in January, but when I saw that a pecan pie had been chosen...well the break had to end early! I'm always on the lookout for a new pecan pie recipe. I've been baking pecan pies for years, and once I decided that I wasn't satisfied with the recipe on the back on the Karo syrup bottle...well, it's been a neverending quest ever since.

Beth of Someone's in the Kitchen with Brina made the selection for this week, chosing a pie that Dorie lists as her favorite pecan pie. After reading the recipe, I decided that there was no way that my family would actually go for this pie -- it contains espresso powder, cinnamon and chocolate in it!! I thought about making it without those ingredients, but then decided just to go for it! It sounded intriguing and I really wanted to try it. I figure I can always make the "plain" version for Christmas if I need to.

The only change I made in the ingredients was the addition of a tablespoon of flour before adding the pecans and chocolate. Also, I did not partially bake the crust before filling. I knew that I would be increasing the cooking time (I wound up cooking it an additional 10 minutes at the lower temperature). This seems to be a constant issue that I have with pecan pie recipes. I don't know if it's my oven, the weather, the altitude, or if I just don't hold my tongue right when placing it in the oven, but it never sets up correctly if I don't bake it long enough. The tricky part is not overbaking it in the process...which I have done before!!

To be quite honest, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about this pecan pie. However, after taking my first bite, I immediately uttered "ohmygoodness." This may be my new favorite pecan pie. Now I'm anxious to try the plain recipe as well. If it turns out anything like this one, I think my family will be pleased! I'm just going to tell D that this one is a chocolate-pecan pie, carefully omitting the fact that it has espresso powder in it. If I divulge that secret beforehand, I am quite certain he won't even try it!

Be sure to check out what the other TWD bakers did with this week's choice, and for the full recipe, click here!

Enjoy! :)


Katrina said…
The pie looks great and very chocolaty! I was going to tell you on your quest for the best pecan pie to look over at Cookie Madness because I knew Anna was recently posting about them, but scrolling down your blog farther, I see that you already knew that!
This TWD was my first time making a pecan pie. I love it, but have to be careful not to eat too much!

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Megan said…
I have never seen such a perfect pie crust - what's the secret? Of all the things I can do, pie crust is something I have never been able to master.
Katy said…
Thank you Katrina! Pecan pie is easy to eat too much of, at least for me! :)

Megan...*cough,cough* I'll never share my crust secret. Actually's called last minute, not feeling like messing with crust, use Pillsbury refrigerated dough. ;) Maybe I'll make the dough for my Christmas pies though, to see if I can still do it, lol.
Susan said…
Your pie looks wonderful! Who would have thought chocolate and espresso would work in a pecan pie.