Operation Baking GALS Anniversary!

As you may recall, I recently posted about participating in Operation Baking GALS for the first time. Well, OBG is celebrating their first anniversary! They are trying to promote the group, as well as celebrating with giveaways and such. Start by checking out the OBG website here.

Now, like I said, the last round was the first time I had participated. I had seen it mentioned on various other blogs, and had even bookmarked the website, thinking to myself "that sounds neat...I should sign up some time." Well, for some reason I was moved to sign up last month, and am very glad that I did.

I'm not sure why I feel so motivated to participate, to be honest. I didn't grow up in a military household. Well, my dad was a Marine (okay, okay, once a Marine, always a Marine!) but he was discharged before he and my mom even met. I don't have any close friends or family that are in the military. But...it just seems like a great thing to do (participating in OBG, that is). I love to bake, and I really like baking for other people, so why not send those baked goods to our troops? Having actually done that now, it gives you a good feeling knowing that you've (hopefully!) brightened a complete strangers day!! You don't have to agree with why the soldiers are there to agree that they could all use some support until they are all safe and sound at home!!!

So...if you haven't already done so, I encourage you to check out the Operation Baking GALS website, and think about joining in. It's really not that hard, and it's a great cause!! You don't even have to bake -- they are tips for what you can send even if you can't send baked goods. The ship dates for the current round will be 8/3-8/12.