Butter Junkie

I have a confession.  I love butter.  Since I also love to bake, I try to keep a hefty supply of butter on hand at all times.  However, over the last few days, I managed to run out of butter!  I was ready to declare a state of emergency.  Well, ok, technically I had half a stick left, but that's just not nearly enough.

When D sent me a text earlier this evening that he was about to head home, I asked if he would be willing to stop and pick up some butter.  Yes, I asked him to go to the store just for butter.  I wanted to make biscuits to go with supper!  Anyway, here is the text conversation that followed.  It amused me.

Me:  I don't supposed you'd want to stop & get me some butter, would you?
Him:  I could.  What type?
Me:  Unsalted sweet cream.  Land o lakes or challenge brand.
Him:  Ok.  How much?
Me:  2-3 lbs.
Me:  Just please make sure it's UNsalted.  :-)
Him:  Holy $#%@
Me:  What??
Him:  That's a lot of butter.
Me:  I can't function without a stash of butter.
Him:  Lol.  Butter junkie?
Me:  Duh.

Apparently I'm a butter junkie, and apparently my husband just figured this out...


Unknown said…
Fellow butter junkie here! I always have to have a pound or two in the freezer. One of my husband's most romantic acts was to come home from the supermarket around Christmastime with several pounds of unsalted Land O'Lakes, unsolicited! "It was on sale and I knew you would want it." Hey, it doesn't take much...
Jules Someone said…
Ha! A pound or two is for amateurs. I buy it four pounds at a time from Costco, and I get nervous when I'm down to one sleeve of four boxes. Glad to know I'm not alone!
Elizabeth said…
Totally with you! One of the WORST feelings is realizing you are low (or even worse, out) of butter!