12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies: Peanut Brittle

Can you believe that in one week, it will be Christmas?  Yeah, me either.  So not ready.  :)

The other thing I can't believe is that it's the last week for the 12 Weeks of Christmas cookies.  It has been a lot of fun.  I'm very glad to have participated, and would like to thank April for putting this all together.

My contribution this week is to put the spotlight on a post from last year about peanut brittle.  It's just not Christmas without peanut brittle, in my opinion, and it's perfect for sharing!  Click here for the link.

Enjoy, and I hope everyone has a great weekend, and a wonderful holiday!  :)


Anonymous said…
i cant believe that christmas is in a week either! Happy xmas to u!
Sue said…
Everyone love peanut brittle:) Merry Christmas! I love your blog background!
Steph said…
I could eat tins and tins of peanut brittle. Yours looks fabulous!
Lisa said…
I love the crunchy, sweet taste of peanut brittle. Great job. I've definitely enjoyed baking along with you these past weeks.
Barbara Bakes said…
Peanut brittle is a perfect addition to your cookies. Have a wonderful new year!

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