Happy Thanksgiving!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Ours has been nice. I perhaps overdid it a bit, but that's no big surprise. :)
I thought I would share the menu I served today.
Lasagna (yes, frozen; sue me - I'm pregnant and exhausted!)

Pioneer Woman's Sweet Potatoes - made this last year; I love it! The only thing is I add cinnamon to both the sweet potato mixture and the topping. (Sorry Christi -- forgot to tell you I did that!)

Browned Butter Pecan Pie - hmmm...new recipe for me. Smelled delish. Tasted good. But it didn't set up well at all. Not sure what the deal was.
And my mom brought:

Spicy Brown Sugar Carrots - I'll be honest. I didn't like this one. I don't really like my carrots sweetened and spiced in this way. Just my preference!

And of course, there were other things served, but nothing I can link to. :)

In other news, the Sprout decided that my grandmother is not so bad after all!!


Christi said…
Yum! Cinnamon- I will have try that, next time. To say that the sweet potatoes was a hit would be a understatment! I just ate some more- I better stop or my pants won't button! Thanks for "holding my hand" during my first time cooking Thanksgiving.