Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites {12 Weeks of Christmas Treats}

Let's take a moment to look at the calendar, shall we?  Let's see, yep, it's still September.  I tried buying some Halloween baking products today, but the stores were already sold out and replacing them with Christmas items.  And I complained about that on Facebook.  Yet, here I am, talking about Christmas treats.  According to the countdown on my phone, there are 89 days left until Christmas day. 

So, in that spirit, I've joined Brenda of Meal Planning Magic again on her Twelve Weeks of Christmas Treats blog hop.  That's right, me, the Queen of Procrastinationland.  ;)

This week, I made a pretty easy treat:  Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Bites.  I found the recipe through Pinterest (where else these days, right?) and thought they would be a great treat to make!

Instead of using the individual caramels, I decided to try the caramel apple wraps found near the apples in the produce section of the grocery store.  They made these babies a breeze!  I cut each wrap into 6 pieces with my pizza cutter, wrapped them around the pretzel nuggets, and then dipped in some Ghirardelli dipping chocolate that I'd picked up at Sam's a while back. 

My apple wrappers had 5 in the package, so that yielded 30 treats.  I sprinkled different things on top, and none of my Christmas sprinkles looked as good as the mixture I had of chopped toasted pecans and toasted coconut, in my opinion. 

By the way, these are goooood.  :)  They have this great combination of sweet, salty, crunchy and chewy.  And they're bite size! 

Check out the original recipe here, and be sure to check out the blog hop and see what other Christmas treats are being shared!  Oh, and there's a Pinterest board too!

P.S.  I think I'll be making some of these with Halloween sprinkles too...that is if I can still find any!

Enjoy!  :)


These sound easy and fantastic to eat! A great idea for the holidays
Trisha said…
These look fantastic and I'll bet they tasted great. Its hard to believe how time flies!
Ok, wow--these look divine! Such a simple bite of salty sweet. Glad you're part of the hop this year!
Kayla said…
This is such a neat idea! Looks so easy and tasty too. And those are my alltime favorite pretzels too :)
These look so easy to make and tasty too. Glad to be in the hop with you.