100 posts!

Hey folks!! Can you believe this is my 100th blog post?? Yeah, me either! On one hand, I would have thought that I write 100 posts faster than this. On the other hand, I can't believe I've made 100 posts! :)

As you've probably noticed, I've gotten a bit behind on my blog again lately. Nothing bad is going on, just life is happening!! It's been Spring Break this week. Plus the last few weeks I've been dealing with one sick kid or another. Thankfully, the sickness went away long enough for a great visit with Christi (along with a cinnamon roll extravaganza that I'll have to post about!!).

I wanted to do something all cute and fun for my 100th post. But, since that just didn't seem to be happening, I decided just to post about reaching the milestone! :)


Katrina said…
Congrats. Love your blog! I can't seem to get everything I want blogged either.
Christi said…
Yay!!! Congrats on your 100th post. I am the queen of being behind on my blog, but you know that! Can't wait to see your cinnamon roll post- maybe we can post at the same time!